Saturday, 18 June 2016

A thought

But God, in His infinite mercy and love, who forgives and guides individuals and nations, And turns to good even what seems to us evil, Never forsakes the struggling soul that turns to him, Nor the groups of men and women Who join together to obey His will and law and strengthen each other in unity and truth, Nor the Nation that dwell in mountain or valley, heat or cold, in region fertile or arid, in societies that roam over land or seas, or hunt, or tend flocks or till the soil, or seek the seas for food or oil or fat or gems, or dig out from the bowels of the earth Precious stones or metals or stored-up heat and energy, or practice arts and crafts, or produce abundant wealth by machines of ingenious workmanship, or live a frugal life of contemplation: For all are creatures of one God, and share His loving care and must be brought within the pale of His eternal unity and harmony.

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