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Death is the cessation of the connection between our mind and our body.
Although intellectually we all know that one day we shall die, usually we are so reluctant to think of our death that this knowledge does not touch our hearts, and we live our life as if we were going to be in this world forever. As a result, the things of this world – such as material possessions, reputation, popularity, and the pleasures of the senses – become of paramount importance, so we devote almost all our time and energy to obtaining them and engage in many negative actions for their sake. We are so preoccupied with the concerns of this life that there is no or very little room in our mind for genuine spiritual reflexion and practice. When the time of death finally arrives, on our death bed, we discover that by having ignored death all our life we are completely unprepared. All the empires we built become meaningless. We meet death with sadness, despair and even anger. All our efforts and smiles are replaced by dejection; our positive energy is replaced with negative energy. We depart with sadness and tears. Our loved ones are not spared either. A times, we leave them with poverty and tears, having spent all the earnings on our illness.

A thought

But God, in His infinite mercy and love, who forgives and guides individuals and nations, And turns to good even what seems to us evil, Never forsakes the struggling soul that turns to him, Nor the groups of men and women Who join together to obey His will and law and strengthen each other in unity and truth, Nor the Nation that dwell in mountain or valley, heat or cold, in region fertile or arid, in societies that roam over land or seas, or hunt, or tend flocks or till the soil, or seek the seas for food or oil or fat or gems, or dig out from the bowels of the earth Precious stones or metals or stored-up heat and energy, or practice arts and crafts, or produce abundant wealth by machines of ingenious workmanship, or live a frugal life of contemplation: For all are creatures of one God, and share His loving care and must be brought within the pale of His eternal unity and harmony.

Brokers of Christ                                   

Breaking news! Jesus has returned; But Jesus is not welcomed by the mainstream church authorities and He is denied by proliferators of prosperity gospel. The mainstream church has become lukewarm, neither hot nor cold. The proliferators of prosperity gospel have invented a counterfeit Jesus. The proliferators arrests and imprisons Jesus, condemning him to die.
Why? The church has shifted course. The mainstream church has forgotten Jesus. The prosperity gospel church has invented a counterfeit gospel! They have decided to meet instinctual human cravings, rather than calling men and women to repentance. It has decided to bend its message to felt needs, rather than calling forth the high, holy, and difficult freedom of faith working through love. Jesus’ biblical example and message are deemed too symbolic and very hard for weak contemporary souls. The church has decided to make it easy by developing a counterfeit gospel, a gospel designed to cater for human earthly needs - Money, limousines, luxurious lifestyle.
The brokers of Christ representing the voice of this misguided church, interrogates Jesus in his prison cell. They sides with the tempter and the three questions the tempter put to Jesus in the wilderness two centuries ago. They say that the church will give earthly bread instead of the bread of heaven. It will offer religious magic and miracles instead of faith in the Word of God. It will exert worldly power and authority instead of serving the call to freedom. "We have corrected Your Work," the brokers tell Jesus.
When the judge asks “which one should i set free”, The greedy mob with the aching ears ask for the prophets and prophetesses jailed for defrauding the multitude by claiming to cure AIDS and multiply there wealth released and demand the hanging of Jesus. They sentence Jesus to die by hanging.

They fear that if any doubt is cast on the divinity of Jesus, they will lose business. They strongly defend God – but not because they love him but because through delusions and false miracles, they deceive the stupid multitude by His word and making profit from it.
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